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Diamond Re-cutting Services

Diamonds are the hardest known substance on earth but with enough force any diamond can chip, break, or cleave if hit just right. We know how sentimental and meaningful diamonds can be; therefore Mark Michael Diamond Designs offers diamond re-cutting services to keep your diamonds shining bright.

When should you consider having a diamond re-cut?

It is generally recommended that diamonds 0.40ct and larger be considered for re-cutting. To maintain ideal proportions, having a diamond re-cut will always result in a smaller diamond. Often times, the cost of cutting a diamond smaller than 0.40ct will be a similar price to simply buying a whole new diamond. Diamonds that have significant sentimental value should also be considered for re-cutting.

This diamond is flush set into a ring and displays a break along the facet junctions.

This diamond is flush set into a ring and displays a break along the facet junctions.

A small chip can be seen along this diamonds outer girdle.

A small chip can be seen along this diamonds outer girdle.

How does the diamond re-cuttings process work?

As soon as you notice damage to your diamond bring it in to a local jeweler to discuss your options. Smaller chips may be able to be set under a prong for protection but larger breaks should be sent to a diamond cutter for evaluation. Mark Michael Diamond Designs works with a reputable and professional diamond re-cutting company. We will remove your diamond from its setting and send it securely shipped via a UPS insured Next Day Air package. The diamond cutting professionals will analyze your diamond and will provide a final price as well as an estimated carat weight of the final re-cut diamond.

The diamond cutting professionals share more than 25 years of experience. Well versed in all shapes, they have honed their skills under the tutelage of a master diamond cutter. Industry certifications held include Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and Certified Gemologist (AGS).

How much does diamond re-cutting cost?

There is an $85 review fee, which includes insured round trip shipping. If you decide to move forward with the diamond re-cutting this fee is waived.

The price for re-cutting depends on the size and shape of your diamond. Typical diamond re-cuts fall within a $400 - $1,000 price range, but prices can increase drastically on diamonds 2.00ct and larger.

How long does diamond re-cutting take?

Diamond re-cutting services typically take between 2-4 weeks to complete.

If you have a diamond you’d like to be evaluated contact us here and we’d be happy to take a look. As always, thank you for reading!

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