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Wedding Ring Trends 2015

As Maple Grove’s jeweler for unique and custom engagement rings we are always on the lookout for the season’s biggest bridal trends. In 2015 it’s all about finding a ring that reflects your unique style and personality.  While white metal (white gold and platinum) still reign supreme customers are finding other ways to customize their rings. Here are the four biggest engagement ring trends we’re seeing for 2015:

1.    White Metal is still the top choice for engagement rings. Whether it's white gold or platinum, brides still favor the white look for their engagement rings. (Learn about the different precious metals here).

2.    The antique vintage look is still a big trend in bridal, but more and more people are looking forintricate side detailing. Think Milgrain edges, delicate filigree, and intricate floral designs.

3.    Alternate diamond shapes. While round brilliant cut diamonds still remain the most popular choice, many brides are seeking  alternative diamond shapes as a way to personalize their ring. Oval shape diamonds are probably the most popular fancy shape, but pears, emerald cuts and heart shapes are also in demand.

4.    For brides seeking something really unique, colored stone centers are also on the rise. Fancy color diamonds such as yellow diamonds and chocolate diamonds are popular engagement ring choices. We’re also seeing a rising interest in non diamond center stones. Blue sapphires and padparadscha sapphires are stunning alternatives that are also sturdy enough to wear as engagement rings. 

Mark Michael Diamond Designs has been customizing and creating special engagement ring touches for over 30 years. We’re here to help you create the perfect engagement ring! Search our exquisite diamond selection or visit our custom jewelry design page to see how each ring can be customized just for you. Tell us the engagement ring trends you are seeing or contact us with any other engagement ring questions by emailing us here.  Thanks for reading!

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