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Pearl Restringing FAQ’s


It is recommended to have your pearls restrung every year, particularly when worn regularly. Over time the thread can stretch and loosen eventually causing a break. Mark Michael Diamond Designs offers in-house pearl restringing using traditional silk or nylon thread and individually knots each pearl.

Q. Why are pearls individually knotted?

A. Pearls are individually knotted for two mains reasons. The silk or nylon thread protects the pearls from rubbing against each other and chipping the nacre. Secondly, strands are individually knotted so that if your strand breaks all the pearls don’t go flying! Individual knots prevent the loss of more than one pearl at a time.


Q. How much does it cost to have a pearl strand restrung?

A. For individually knotted pearls the price is $6 per inch. For strands that only require stringing, the price will be less.

Q. How long does pearl restringing take?

A. Mark Michael Diamond Designs does on-site professional pearl restringing. You can expect your strand to be ready in  3-6 days. 

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