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At Mark Michael Diamond Designs in Maple Grove MN we are custom order specialists, who design and manufacture all of our jewelry in-house. From custom design jewelry to custom engagement rings we help you design your own ring.

Custom jewelry Design services

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We are custom order specialists, who design and manufacture all of our work in-house. Let us take you on a journey through our five step custom process.

Four to six weeks is all it takes to transform your tired and worn out jewelry into a sparkling new masterpiece.  We never charge for an initial consultation, and love to involve you in each step of the fun-filled process. By trading in your original metal and even using your original gemstones you may be surprised at the cost, but you won’t be disappointed in the final result.

the custom design process.


Step 1:

We’ll look at the gemstones that you have, or find the gems you have been dreaming of, and together come up with an idea and drawing that you are really excited about!



Step 2:

We will create a computerized CAD model and email you a render (a render is a computer generated animation of the CAD design) that will show you what your finished design will look like.

You can see what these computer generated designs look like by visiting our render gallery.


CAD to render fade





Step 3:

Next we will get together to show you a wax of the design. The wax is an exact model of what your finished jewelry will look like (without the gems of course!). When you come in to see the wax you can hold the design in your hands - and even try it on - to get a real idea of what the finished piece will be like to scale!




Step 4:

In the final steps we will:

  • Cast it in metal
  • Assemble
  • Set any/all gems
  • Polish your piece with the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail

All custom work is done in-house by our expert designers and master goldsmith.


Step 5:

Pick up your gorgeous new design, complete with a full appraisal. Now the only remaining step is to show off your new one-of-a-kind design to all your friends, and family! Ready to start your design? Schedule an appointment using the form below.

For a more in-depth reading of our custom design process, check out The 6 Most Commonly Asked Custom Jewelry Questions on our blog.

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