Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials about their experiences with Mark Michael Diamond Designs and creating custom jewelry designs.

I have been delighted with the creativity, uniqueness, and craftsmanship of Mark Michael Diamonds. Mark Lauer, the owner, has designed several one-of-a-kind pieces as gifts that were exquisite. I highly commend Mark and his team to anyone looking to design that special piece of jewelry that stuns the eye and stirs the soul.
— Irv W. July 20, 2018
I am so very happy with my beautiful ring. It took me forever to get around to finally placing the order, and thankfully I just depended on Mark to design it with my only input being that it be “indestructible”. The design he came up with could not have been more perfect.

Its design reminds me of both a threefold cord and a Celtic knot. It truly is a special heirloom, combining a stone my father gave my mother, stones from earrings that were a 20th anniversary gift from my husband, and a row of stones from a ring from my wonderful mom-in-law, all braided together in a ring that tells a beautiful story of family and love, in a stunning channeled setting that is virtually indestructible, just like my family!

Of the many compliments I receive, a recurring theme is that it looks like it was made for me. Wait a sec… they’re right, it was! I’m so glad that I depended on Mark’s amazing designing skills, because I ended up having a ring that is just perfect for me, and blesses me whenever I look at it. Thanks so much. It’s beautiful and meaningful and I love it.
— Connie M. June 16, 2018
After receiving a genuine warm greeting, Kelly was so gracious with her time and talents. She walked us through the process of creating a custom designed piece from an heirloom. We looked forward to each visit and so did our daughter who skipped her way ahead of us into the shop where she was greated as though she was a little customer with a warm greating of her own and a refreshing beverage. The finished piece is beautifully stunning! The woman who gifted us this piece would be very pleased with these designers as they were so thoughtful throughout the process. We could tell they love what they do by their stories of many years of experience in jewelry design. We cannot thank them enough for sharing their talents with us! For those wanting to take an heirloom piece and create it into a new designed piece of you own, they are an excellent choice! You will have a wonderful experience that you will always treasure!
— Anna F. April 26, 2017
I wanted to thank Kelly for a wonderful experience! Designing just the perfect pendant was so important to me both from a design point-of-view and from a personal meaning point-of-view. You accomplished this beautifully while paying attention to details that made the pendant extra special! The combination of form and function came together to make a one-of-a-kind pendant that will be lovingly worn for many, many years.

I had fun learning the design process and learning more about you and your jewelry background which makes Mark Michael Diamond Designs part of “the story”. I look forward to more of our adventures!
— Sue N. April 18, 2017
Mark, Megan and their team at Mark Michael are truly amazing. My husband worked closely with them to design the perfect engagement ring. Needless to say when he proposed with the gorgeous blue Mark Michael ring box I was thrilled and even more excited about the absolutely amazing ring that was inside. Shortly after our engagement Mark designed the perfect band to accompany my engagement ring. Throughout our multiple trips to Mark Michael Diamond designs, my husband fell in love with a stunning watch which I surprised him with on our wedding day! Every visit to Mark Michael Diamond Designs has been awesome, they always listened to what we were looking for, helped us work within our budget and delivered amazing one of a kind pieces.
— Emily A. November 11, 2016
I just received the rings and they are beautiful! I do not know how to put my feelings and expression into words when I opened the box. They are just beautiful!! I am very thankful to [Kelly], Mark, and your whole team for helping me with our rings. I’m in love with them. Again, thank you so so so much for all your help!!
— A truly happy customer, Maria A. September 4, 2015
My fiancé and I were looking for a creative, unique engagement ring that would fit our tight budget. Mark and staff welcomed us immediately. Mark cared about us as a couple and was very genuine and caring. He is very passionate, honest, and knowledgeable in his field and is respectful. Being new to the fine jewelry world, Mark took the time to explain all the details and answered all of our questions. My fiancé and I found an engagement ring unlike anything we had ever seen (and we must have went to at least 9 other jewelers). We were a little worried about staying within our budget, but Mark put all worries at bay. He told us our options and even e-mailed renderings of different versions of the ring with different views and different size/shape diamonds. Custom work, just for me, at no charge. When we went in to hand select the center diamond, he went the extra mile to make a cast of the actual design. We were so happy with our choice. Mark finished the ring ahead of schedule (during the busy holiday season) so I could show it off to family I was visiting out of state! I look forward to working with you again. Wouldn’t have chosen any other jeweler.
— Samantha H. January 17, 2014